An Amazing Blend of Crypto Index Investing and Yield Farming in One Protocol.

half circle iconWhat is Axia Protocol ?

Axia Protocol is a Decentralized platform for Cryptocurrency Index Fund management which presents cryptocurrency enthusiasts/investors with opportunities of one-time investments in baskets of cryptocurrencies (Axia Funds) and reap rewards for doing so. On the platform, investors can pool funds in two major and trending niches within the blockchain ecosystem - Oracles and DeFI! The concept stems from the idea that investors can be saved a lot of time and energy searching for tokens to invest in for a portfolio.

Participants (Yield farmers and Lone stakers) will be rewarded with Axia Tokens daily for providing liquidity to Axia Balancer pools when they stake their Axia Fund Tokens (AFT) on the dapp. An additional reward for Liquidity Providers is that they will also earn BAL tokens from the weekly emissions being distributed to all LPs on the Balancer platform after AXIA and all the other tokens that make up the fund pools have been whitelisted to receive dividends in BAL.

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half circle iconAxia Token Emissions

Axia Tokens will be emitted on a daily basis and distributed to all farmers/stakers on the various pools. The daily emission will be different with each new epoch as the amount of tokens emitted. After the 10th Epoch, the contract begins to emit from accumulated basis points.

  • Epoch 1 lasts 180 days: 7,200 AXIA daily emissions = 1,296,000 tokens
  • Epoch 2 lasts 180 days: 3,600 AXIA daily emissions = 648,000 tokens
  • Epoch 3 lasts 180 days: 1,800 AXIA daily emissions = 324,000 tokens
  • Epoch 4 lasts 180 days: 900 AXIA daily emissions = 162,000 tokens
  • Epoch 5 lasts 180 days: 450 AXIA daily emissions = 81,000 tokens
  • Epoch 6 lasts 180 days: 225 AXIA daily emissions = 40,500 tokens
  • Epoch 7 lasts 180 days: 112.5 AXIA daily emissions = 20,250 tokens
  • Epoch 8 lasts 180 days: 56.25 AXIA daily emissions = 10,125 tokens
  • Epoch 9 lasts 180 days: 28.125 AXIA daily emissions = 5,062.5 tokens
  • Epoch 10 lasts 180 days: 14.0625 AXIA daily emissions = 2,531.25 tokens

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half circle iconFAQs

Liquidity tokens (AFTs) minted from Axia Funds' pools will not be locked but will be used in creating secondary pools on uniswap where users who prefer to buy instead of minting AFTs can do so. It is the liquidity tokens from these secondary pools that will be locked.
The daily emissions are distributed thus:
  • Oracle Fund Pool: 25%
  • DeFi Fund Pool: 25%
  • Swap Fund Pool: 45%
  • Lone Stakers: 5%
Yes, we will begin applying to exchanges immediately after presale.
No, there would be no need for KYC in other to use the protocol as it is completely decentralized and open to all.