Investing for Everyone

Axia, the leader in cryptocurrency indexes gives you the tools to take control of your finances and make your cryptocurrencies work smarter not harder.

Introducing Axia Protocol

Invest Any Amount

Axia is open to all. Whether your portfolio is fractions of ETH small or hundreds of ETH large, we believe everyone should be able to invest and expand their portfolio by letting their currencies work smarter.

Diversify your Portfolio

Investing into Axia funds means that you can take control of your portfolio and automatically spread it across smaller pieces of many different currencies to help reduce your risk. In other words, diversification.

Simple and easy

Our protocol automates the entire investing and diversification process so all you have to do is pick a fund that you like and press invest! Let Axia do all the hard work for you.


Rest easy knowing your investment is safe! Each token is put through a stringent vetting process before they are added to our funds. Even Axia itself has been through stringent vetting through multiple security and code audits!

Manage your Portfolio with Axia

Our decentralized application has it all. Keep track of your funds and measure your investment performance and returns. Our powerful protocol means you can either let your selected fund do the work for you or take active control in allocating your investments into different funds. The decision is entirely up to you!

Our Instruments

Axia Funds


Automatically diversify your portfolio into funds with a press of a button. Each fund is carefully arranged by our team who scrutinise each token to ensure you get the best possible return with minimal risk on your investment.

Earn up to 30% APY* by staking your tokens. By staking you provide additional liquidity and earn daily ‘emissions’ for doing so!

*APY varies based on the size of the pooled investments within a fund, please see our whitepaper under ‘developers’ for more detailed information.

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